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What is Palmara?

Our Story

Welcome to our company! We’re Keldon & Kelly, a Canadian and Colombian who came together to create something truly special.

Based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a place where the ocean is a way of life, our mission here is to create unique, unforgettable experiences that allow you to connect with the ocean and forget about any worries or stresses you may have in your life.
Working closely with the most experienced captains and crews who know the waters of the bay like the back of their hand – we take pride in our commitment to ensure you’re well taken care of, and the time spent out on the water is your best day in Vallarta.

Our mission has been straightforward from the start: to simplify the process of booking a voyage on the finest boats with the most skilled crews in Vallarta. Our aim is to open up the beauty of Banderas Bay to more individuals, allowing them to revel in its extraordinary vistas and marine life.

Benefiting from Kelly’s rich experience in the charter business in Colombia and Keldon’s proficiency in marketing and business in Canada, we found the ideal blend of skills and experience to bring our vision to life.

Rest assured, for all your boat rental needs in Puerto Vallarta, we’re here to serve you with pleasure!

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