Common Questions

Inclement Weather:
Smoking IS allowed in most cases. However this must be done outside.
Yes we do ! There are two options here you may be interested in.
Overnight Trip:
Week Long Charters:
Some boats do supply medication, but its not a guarantee. We recommend you visit the local pharmacy for your peace of mind and purchase one of the following:
Dramamine: This medication contains an antihistamine called dimenhydrinate, which helps to prevent and treat motion sickness.
A more natural option for motion sickness are ginger supplements. Some people find that taking ginger supplements in capsule form, can help to relieve nausea.
While some boats may allow pets onboard, others may have a strict no-pet policy. We recommend that you check with us first to confirm the pet policy for your chosen yacht. This will ensure that there are no misunderstandings or issues regarding pets during your charter.
Tipping culture in Mexico is always voluntary, but providing a 10-20% tip based on good service is standard.

Food & Drink

Yes. Many people like to bring extra beers or their own special bottles all the time.
Birthday cakes, fruit & meat platters for example are a common item people bring from home, however most of this food can be ready for you and your party if it’s requested ahead of time.



To secure a firm date for a charter, 50% of the total fee must be paid at least 90 days in advance of the scheduled charter date. This means half of the total fee is paid well in advance to confirm your reservation and ensure the availability of the boat you’ve chosen. The remaining 50% must be paid in full no more than 7 days prior to the charter date.

If the scheduled charter date is less than 90 days away, the full charter fee must be paid before the cruise date can be calendared and confirmed. This means the entire fee upfront is fully paid if you are booking a charter that’s less than 90 days away.
In case of emergency, if the customer’s travel plans change, the boat charter company will allow them to reschedule their charter for a later date within 6 months of the original booking date. This means that if the customer needs to cancel or change their reservation due to unforeseen circumstances, they will have the option to reschedule their charter for a later date within a reasonable time frame.

Payment Methods:

We use Stripe, Paypal, wire transfer, TransferWise, and cash.


A captain and deckhand is always included with the boat charter. You never under any circumstances need to drive the boat. A licensed and trained captain is responsible for the boat and chartering the course to wherever you desire.
Additional staff help make drinks, meals, clean, and make sure you’re comfortable at all times during your journey.


Each boat comes with its own specific set of activities and water toys, so be sure to clarify with us which activities you’d like to have access to and we can make the proper arrangements.
Some boats include jet ski(s) and lily pads for example, and others don’t.
However nearly all boats are equipped with snorkel sets and lifejackets.

Overnight Charter

During an overnight charter, your boat is normally anchored in a calm cove, cradled by tranquil waters, providing a safe and peaceful environment for your stay. Our crew remains vigilant throughout the night, with at least one member awake at all times, ensuring the safety of the vessel and everyone on board. You can rest assured knowing that the crew is attentive and proactive in maintaining the security and comfort of your overnight experience.