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Enjoy the best of boating with us, get the top yacht charter in Puerto Vallarta. we offer only the finest, most comfortable yachts. Each boat is designed to give you a luxurious and unforgettable experience on the water. Choose Palmara for your perfect yachting adventure in Puerto Vallarta. 


Our skilled captains and crew are here to make your trip safe and enjoyable. With years of experience, they ensure everything runs smoothly. Relax and enjoy your time on the water with our friendly and professional team in Puerto Vallarta. 


Booking with us is easy and secure. We protect your personal information and make the booking process hassle-free. You can book with confidence, knowing your details are safe and your boat rental in Puerto Vallarta is set for adventure. 


For an extra special experience, Palmara Charters offers premium services like onboard massages and gourmet meals prepared by top chefs. Our special services add an extra touch of luxury to your trip, making your time with us on our yacht rental in Puerto Vallarta truly unique. 

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Most Rented

40′ Spacious Catamaran

12-15 Guests
Starting at $1,800 USD
4 Beds
Most Rented

55′ Sea Ray

12-15 Guests
Starting at $3,680 USD
4 Beds
Most Rented

85′ Azimut Slide

12-15 Guests
Starting at $6,790 USD
8 Beds

47′ Luxury Catamaran

10-15 Guests
Starting at $3,600 USD
5 Beds

48′ Beneteau

Up to 12 Guests
Starting at $2,095 USD
3 Beds

105′ Broward

20-50 Guests
Starting at $5,900 USD
7 Beds

100′ Catamaran

35-105 Guests
Starting at $4,560 USD

105′ Azimut

10-20 Guests
Starting at $13,000 USD
6 Beds

90′ Cheoy Lee

25-50 Guests
Starting at $5,500 USD
9 Beds

41′ Riviera

10-14 Guests
Starting at $2,300 USD
4 Beds

40′ Sport Fisher

8-12 Guests
Starting at $1,350 USD
1 Beds

27′ Sea Ray

Up to 7 Guests
Starting at $885 USD
1 Beds

55′ Azimut

10-14 Guests
Starting at $2,900 USD
4 Beds

25′ Panga

Up to 7 Guests
Starting at $470 USD
0 Beds

85′ Azimut Luxury Yacht

Up to 15 Guests
Starting at $6,800 USD
7 Beds

50′ Luxury Sport

8-12 Guests
Starting at $2,350 USD
4 Beds

62′ Prestige Yacht

12-15 Guests
Starting at $3,180 USD
6 Beds

Ever been on a boat charter overnight?

Experiencing Banderas Bay in the evening and overnight

Ever dreamt of spending a night snuggled by the gentle waves, the vast sky above dotted with countless stars? 

At Palmara Charters, we invite you to discover the extraordinary magic of Banderas Bay as the day turns to dusk and night blankets the waters. Picture this: the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of gold and crimson. Our  luxurious yachts charters provide the perfect vantage point to soak in this breathtaking spectacle. 

Imagine the thrill of an evening on the bay. The city lights fade into the distance, replaced by the serene glow of the moon and stars. Live your overnight adventure, which becomes an intimate journey into nature’s breathtaking beauty, intensified by the luxuriousness and comfort of our elegant yachts. With an overnight yacht charter, Sit back and relax on deck, perhaps with a glass of fine wine. Let the rhythmic sounds of the sea soothe you into a state of pure tranquility. 

As you drift off to sleep, the gentle rocking of the yacht and the soothing melody of the waves create an ambiance of unparalleled peace. Wake up to the first light of dawn, the bay shimmering in the morning sun. Feel the rejuvenation that only such a unique, immersive experience can offer. 

We don’t just rent yachts; we create moments of extraordinary beauty and happiness, perfect for those seeking both adventure and opulence. Join us and transform your night on Banderas Bay into a cherished memory. 


Explore Vallarta's Banderas Bay with Palmara Charters

Majahuitas Beach: Where Serenity Meets Stunning Natural Beauty 2023

Serene Sunsets

Imagine the golden hues of a Puerto Vallarta sunset reflecting off the tranquil waters of Banderas Bay. With Palmara Charters, you're not just witnessing a sunset; you're enveloped in its serene beauty, the gentle sway of the yacht enhancing each breathtaking moment. It’s a slice of paradise, tailored just for you.

Firework Displays

Experience the magic on a charter yacht in Puerto Vallarta’s nighttime & fireworks displays like never before. On the water with Palmara Charters, you have a front-row seat to the dazzling spectacle, free from the crowds. The sky lights up in vibrant colors, mirrored perfectly by the bay’s gentle waves a truly mesmerizing sight.

Moon & the Stars

Under the canopy of the vast night sky, let the moon and stars captivate you. With minimal light pollution, Banderas Bay transforms into a celestial haven. Palmara Charters offers you a luxurious escape where the brilliance of the constellations and the moon's glow create an intimate, almost otherworldly experience.