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Our yacht boasts a spacious and exquisitely decorated interior, featuring plush furnishings, state-of-the-art amenities, and panoramic views of the sparkling ocean. The expansive salon is perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing in style. Each cabin is a sanctuary of comfort, offering en-suite bathrooms, premium linens, and the finest amenities. The combination of elegance and modernity ensures your stay will be nothing short of extraordinary. 

Imagine lounging on the sun deck, sipping a refreshing cocktail as you soak up the sun’s rays, or enjoying a gourmet meal prepared by our onboard chefs in the stylish dining area. The outdoor spaces are equally impressive, with ample seating for alfresco dining and lounging, offering the perfect vantage point to take in the breathtaking views. 

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48′ Beneteau

Up to 12 Guests
Starting at $2,095 USD
3 Beds

105′ Broward

20-50 Guests
Starting at $5,900 USD
7 Beds

90′ Cheoy Lee

25-50 Guests
Starting at $5,500 USD
9 Beds

41′ Riviera

10-14 Guests
Starting at $2,300 USD
4 Beds

40′ Sport Fisher

8-12 Guests
Starting at $1,350 USD
1 Beds

25′ Panga

Up to 7 Guests
Starting at $470 USD
0 Beds

50′ Luxury Sport

8-12 Guests
Starting at $2,350 USD
4 Beds

62′ Prestige Yacht

12-15 Guests
Starting at $3,180 USD
6 Beds
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Live in Your Private Abode

The private yacht charter with Palmara Charters ensures unparalleled privacy and exclusivity. Our professional crew is dedicated to catering to your every need, providing personalized service that exceeds your expectations. Our crew members are experts in their fields, ensuring your voyage is smooth and enjoyable. They are always ready to assist, from navigating the yacht to arranging onshore excursions. 

Curated Cuisine Just for You

Indulge in gourmet dining prepared by our onboard chefs, unwind with bespoke spa treatments, or explore secluded destinations only accessible by sea. The culinary experience on our yacht is second to none, with menus tailored to your preferences and prepared with the finest ingredients. Whether you desire a lavish multi-course dinner or a casual beachside barbecue, our chefs will create a dining experience to remember.  

Curated Cuisine
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Your Royal Adventure Awaits

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury yacht rental, Palmara Charters offers a bespoke experience tailored to your desires. Our private boat rental services provide the freedom to chart your course and create memories that will last a lifetime. Moreover, our crew can also organize onshore excursions to explore hidden gems and local culture, ensuring your journey is as enriching as it is luxurious.